If ever there was a “PC Therapy” app, it is IFTT (If This Then That).   This app takes something complicated and makes it simple, simple, simple.  No programming knowledge required.   It connects all the different applications you use such…

Neat Desk

Neat Desk has revolutionized our office and more importantly our desks.  We started with the mini scanner and really didn’t find it easy enough to use for everything.  The files on our desks were starting to overtake and we finally…

Farewell XP

Are you still using Windows XP?  (Not sure?  Cick here: Am I running XP?)  If you are running XP, fair warning, on April 8, Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP.   XP is 13 years old, if you are still…

Open Office

Can’t decide if you want to spring for the new subscription based Office 365?  Open Office is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. Less money (whoops we mean FREE), can open and save Microsoft files.

No More Support For Vista!

If you are running Windows Vista as your operating system, after hitting yourself on the head and asking “why?”, read this article if you think you need support. (Hint, just upgrade already.) Vista Support No More