If ever there was a “PC Therapy” app, it is IFTT (If This Then That).   This app takes something complicated and makes it simple, simple, simple.  No programming knowledge required.   It connects all the different applications you use such as your email, social media accounts, business apps (like dropbox, evernote) and even apps for your mobile devices.  If you have ever asked yourself “how can I make —some action— happen every time —some trigger— happens”, then IFTT is the answer.  And of course it also meets our second most important criteria, it’s FREE.

It’s really just a few steps.

  1.  Create an IFTT account. Click here for website.
  2.  Link your other accounts like your email, facebook, instagram, dropbox……. etc.
  3. Tell IFTT what you want to happen.

Here are some examples of how We’ve actually used this powerful app.

  • When mobile battery gets below 15% automatically turn off wi-fi.
  • Add items from Amazon Echo (Alexa) to-do list to TODOIST. (Read about TODOIST in last week’s blog).
  • Automatically track your work hours in a spreadsheet*** (Requires the installation of DO app on your phone which is free)
  • When we post to Instagram, autopost to twitter and facebook.
  • Create reminders for important emails

DO App for IFTT

On your mobile phone you will want to install the app along with it’s 3 sister apps, DO button, DO note and DO camera.  These apps work with IFTT to turn your phone into a productivity workhorse!  Click here for doapps

IFTT DO Buttons apps for Mobile Devices
DO Button apps

Of course IFTT is not just about business apps, it will help you connect your music, your sports even your car and home automation apps.  The possibilities are endless.  And they add new apps regularly.

Learn what you need to know.  IF you want to reduce redundancy in your tasks THEN give it a TRY!