Neat Desk

Neat Desk has revolutionized our office and more importantly our desks.  We started with the mini scanner and really didn’t find it easy enough to use for everything.  The files on our desks were starting to overtake and we finally broke down and bought the neat desktop scanner.  Best investment we have ever made. It really works.

At first we thought the price tag was high $379 at Amazon. This machine is amazing. It scans business cards and puts them into a contacts file (we have yet to synch those with our gmail contacts but there is an export function). It scans the most wrinkled receipts and reads more than even the youngest eyes. It scans documents and allows us to tag and organize them.

The features are many and we are not going to spend the time rehashing what you can look at on their website but here is a quick sales video.

We have to say it works and for the first time in years we have seen the bottoms of some desks around here. Worth every penny.