Read, Search and Highlight PDF Books on your E-Book Reader

Your kindle can be a travelling reference desk not just for the books you own, but you can load pdf documents to read later. Any document (proposal, user manual, contract) that you might have in a pdf format can be saved and copied to your kindle in a format that lets you treat it like any other e-book. You can search, highlight, use the dictionary and make notes.

You may have tried to copy a pdf document directly to your Kindle (or Sony Reader or other e-book reader) via Windows File Explorer only to find it basically unreadable.  If you want it in an e-book format so you can search, highlight, make notes and look up words use Calibre.

Calibre is free. It is easy to install and has many powerful (and free) features.

1. Downloaded the free software here:

2. Open Calibre and click on “add books” and import your pdf.

3. Right click on the title and select “convert”.  Under file type select “AZW3” to convert to Amazon format.

4. Plug in your kindle to your PC’s USB port so Calibre will see it as a device.

5. Right-click on the listed imported pdf and selected ‘send to device.’

6. Unplug the kindle and you should see your pdf book read to read.

Calibre has many other great features (like downloading news in a convenient-to-read format). You can check out the demo video here: